I’ve been reading PostSecret lately – for those of you not familiar with the blog, it consists of postcards (and sometimes emails) that are sent in anonymously, telling the sender’s secret – sometimes cute, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes horribly sad.  An anonymous e-confessional of sorts.  I read it and sometimes pray for the people who write in.  I’ve been thinking lately of what I would send in.

Probably this:

There have been more days in my life when I wished I was dead than days when I was glad to be alive.

Thankfully, things are changing so that one day this may not be true.  But then I wonder if it is ever possible to overcome so many years of desperate sadness.  Doesn’t that leave a mark?  That maybe can’t be erased or healed?


One Response to Secrets

  1. Betty K says:

    Again, I appreciate your honesty. I like your Postsecret. It is real and we have all felt that way some time or another

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