Sick Pup

My wonderful doggie has cancer. I’ve had him since he was two months old, and he is now almost ten years old. He’s been around for break-ups and hospitalizations, and depression, and grief, and moving, and changing careers, and happiness, and worry. He was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor two weeks ago and the surgeon is going to try to remove it all so we don’t have to do anything further. I’m not sure if I would have him do chemo or radiation – partly because I can’t afford it and partly because I’m not willing to make him suffer unnecessarily.

I’m scared and very sad. But one difference I notice is that I don’t feel like I’m going to die of sadness. I don’t want to go through it but I don’t feel like it will crush me this time.

Please pray for the dog. I’m glad that God doesn’t laugh at that request but that he is compassionate and loves animals as well as knowing that we love our animals


2 Responses to Sick Pup

  1. i’m so sorry your pup is sick. i’m completely fine with praying for animals, if it was good enough for St. Francis then it’s good for me too. bless their paws off.

  2. […] was exactly a year ago when I wrote about my sick doggie and his cancer treatment.  The cancer is bad now, and there’s only one more (affordable) […]

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