Here’s a story about how God has a sense of humor and uses it to show me that He’s taking care of me.

I have a thing about not being married sometimes. I feel sorry for myself, I feel alone, and I feel like a failure. I was getting into that about a week ago. Coupled with the fact that it’s only January and I already have SEVEN baby showers and FIVE bridal showers and weddings to go to, and that I’m supposed to bring presents to all of them, I got into quite a funk. I started with the oh, poor me, I have to spend hundreds of dollars on other people’s nice new stuff and they get nice new stuff just because they’re married and are they better than me because they’re married because no one’s ever given me nice stuff because I’m just single, and I don’t even have enough FORKS! You get the idea. Resentful. Pity party. Lonely. Sad.

So, I put on facebook that I needed forks, hoping that someone had some extra silverware they didn’t need. I didn’t hear anything for a while so I bought silverware from Ikea. Eight sets – two boxes of four each. Then, a friend gave me TWENTY sets of silverware. Then someone I didn’t know brought me FIFTEEN sets of silverware. Then, another friend offered to mail me silverware. Then I was in LA and a different friend wanted to give me a bunch of silverware. I now have too much silverware for my drawer. I will have to give it away.

Possibly, just possibly, God is taking care of me. And if he can provide forks, maybe he can provide more.

So, why is it so hard to believe?


3 Responses to Forks

  1. pttyann says:

    Yea I feel that way from time to time! After all God created everything!!!! And I often wonder why we doubt God? It must be because of the old nature-“Yuck”! But Gos still supply’s all of our needs,he just loves us like that and I’m glad,enjoy your forks. 😀

  2. Spera says:

    He owns all the forks.

  3. Krissy says:

    Maybe because what God wants for us and what we want for us don’t always match. Nor does the timing. Not to mention that God doesn’t pass out time lines or syllabi’s telling us what’s going to happen when. The unknown is almost always harder to deal with.

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