I’m trying to trust – I’m not very good at that.  I applied for two separate jobs (part-time teaching jobs) that would have been perfect.  Both were part-time, which I wanted, both had health insurance, and both would get me back into the part of teaching that I love , without the exhaustion of full time.  In addition, both seemed really promising.  I didn’t get hired for either of them even though I was extremely qualified and had excellent recommendations.

I’m really tying to see this as something that God has under control, and trust him to take care of me but it’s hard!  I’m not going to starve or anything; I have other work, but these both seemed so perfect.  I guess the only option I have is to keep trusting and believe that God wants the best for me – even when it doesn’t seem like it and even with people telling me I’m delusional for believing that there is a God and that even if one existed that he would care and be personally involved to this level.


2 Responses to Trust

  1. Jamie says:

    Keep trusting. I don’t know why things don’t work out sometimes, but I can’t really see the big picture. Sometimes when things don’t work out, I think about my kids and how they don’t get stuff, like not eating a big snack before dinner because it will spoil their appitite – I know I have something good planned for them, but they don’t understand it. Still sucks though. Take care!

  2. upsidedown says:

    I think I have problems trusting people too. And there isn’t anything wrong with believing in God–so don’t listen to those who are saying your delusional. My heart goes out to you.

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