Just For Today

I feel all right again and not even especially breakable.  I feel like a normal person again (haven’t had a lot of experience with that, but some) and like maybe my meds are working.  I don’t feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I also don’t feel like I have anything exciting to celebrate like many people do.  No babies, no new house bought, no impending marriage or new boyfriend, no husband with a promotion… sometimes Facebook is hard.  I wish more people were honest and would say what was hard in their life too because then I wouldn’t feel so far below the norm.  But I know that’s not how we humans work – that’s way too vulnerable.

I want to celebrate something but right now I’m going to stick with being OK and going to sleep.  It could be much, much worse.  And I’m going to try to remember to thank God for this.


3 Responses to Just For Today

  1. Lil' ol me says:

    if we were FB friends you would for sure see ‘what is hard’ in my life. Even though there is good. There is hard. And I publish it.

    Celebrate…OK. Because for “right now”…OK is OK. And it may even just be ‘good”.


  2. 71º & Sunny says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling OK right now. Yep, Facebook can be a dangerous place. No one’s going to put up a picture of them crying, or arguing with their spouse, or sitting over a calculator, desperately trying to figure out how to pay a bill. It’s a very sanitized version of life and I have to remind myself of that because it’s very easy to think everyone else is having a great time while I’m just doing the same old boring thing every day.

    I also think you can celebrate being OK. Because being OK is sure better than not. Take care! : )

  3. Betty K says:

    Thank you for being so honest and willing to make yourself vulnerable. You are the one of the few people that feel so real to me, not all those sanitized, perfect images that I see on Facebook. Thank you for being so true to yourself and to others. You can touch others in powerful ways by being so honest about sharing your struggles. Thank you for having the courage to be truthful and helping others feel normal. We need more people like you in this world.

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