A Beautiful Night

I’m recovering from post-deadline craziness and getting ready to do the suicide prevention walk early early Saturday morning but thought I’d share about last weekend.

There was a moment a few months ago when I was talking to a good friend about not having anything to celebrate. I was feeling sorry for myself because I have never had a bridal shower or baby shower or wedding, which are the main times (if you’re a woman) that people throw a party for you. Or want to come celebrate with you. She asked what I did have to celebrate and I said nothing much. I had my birthday but it’s not like I did anything huge to turn 37 – it wasn’t an incredible accomplishment. Then I remembered that 5 years ago was when I quit teaching in the classroom and became self-employed. She jumped on the idea and offered her house to host a “fancy” (people dressed up) party. Another friend made a beautiful flower arrangement and had a sort of sharing time during the party where people could talk about what they had seen change in my life, etc. It was odd to be the center of attention like that and because of that, I don’t remember much about what people said, but it was also so incredibly honoring and beautiful and I had a wonderful time. Especially after a really, really hard summer, it was a huge gift.


2 Responses to A Beautiful Night

  1. Betty says:

    Congratulations to you on just being you! Every little step counts! We don’t all walk the same paths in life, but we all should have moments to celebrate for! Also celebrate many years of your sharing on your blog. Each day or week may be a struggle, but you made it through. Your life is deep and rich because of the struggles and challenges you have been through! Count each and every day you get through as a blessing. Baby showers, wedding showers, etc. are over-rated. God has special plans for you!

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