Better Than This

I have previously posted about my experiences with self-harm, which – while much less severe than many people – was something that was a major coping mechanism for me – coping with so many things: depression, self-hatred, shame, emotional pain, people ignoring or not knowing that emotional pain…  I haven’t talked to many people who can relate, and I usually don’t bring it up because it scares people.  But that’s why the Internet is so great.


I’ve been following a couple of blogs that talk about self-harm (which is known by many names), not as the main focus of their blog, but more as an an aside, or an explanation of background, why the person isn’t posting, etc.  This one hit me especially hard.


I think her title says it all.  We are better than this.  I am better than this.  I haven’t done that in over 7 years now even though at times, it has felt like there is absolutely nothing in the world that will make me feel better as quickly or as thoroughly as hurting myself (and yes, I get the irony). 


I’m grateful for that.



2 Responses to Better Than This

  1. traveller says:

    Just posting to say I recognise what you are saying. And hello. Isn’t the internet something?

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