I’ve always loved nasturtiums. I know some gardeners hate them because they take over but I’m no gardener and I love how they take over. They have purpose. And tenacity and beauty. (All characteristics I hope I have as well!) They’ve also been in the garden of most of my family members, including my grandparents, parents, and my own.

When I started thinking of getting a tattoo of nasturtiums, I looked up their symbolism and then I knew I had to. They symbolize victory in battle and fatherly love. Well, my Father loves me, as hard as it is to see, and He has given me victory even though I have a hard time understanding. And I am very stubborn and need permanent reminders.

So now I have one. It’s likely to be my last but I love it. And it hurt enough that I’m hoping I won’t forget what it’s there for.



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