Too much to explain, but just bullet point updates. In the last three months, I’ve:

  • had surgery (tonsillectomy)
  • gone through a break-up (not by choice; he freaked out about getting close to someone)
  • had major conflict at my church
  • gotten a new housemate
  • quit my job
  • taken writing my book very seriously
  • gone to a continuation high school graduation of a beloved former student
  • found out another former student is in prison for life
  • joined a writers’ group
  • agreed to share my writing in public

I’m exhausted and back to randomly crying in public.


5 Responses to Transitions

  1. pgoloskie says:

    That is a lot to deal with, especially over such a short period of time. Be gentle with yourself. Take care, and I hope it gets better very soon.

  2. Betty says:

    Dear Broken Saints,
    So many changes, I can’t believe so much has happened to you. Please fill us in on how so many of these things happened. You have been through so much. BIG HUGS TO YOU! What happened with your church and your relationship? It would help if you can share your experience or message me directly. I went through a traumatic church conflict two years ago. Took two years to heal from it. Was very discouraged and depressed for a while. I appreciate so much about you Broken Saints. Please write more! Hugs, Betty

  3. broken saint says:

    I’ll have to write a post on each one probably. I’ll get to it.

    • Betty says:

      Thanks, Broken Saints. Please share and write about each one. It helps to hear your shared experience. I understand am have been through anxiety myself while simultaneously wanting to try and trust God. So hard to often let go and trust when things don’t always go as we like. I appreciate your honesty of how you struggle with your age, stage in life, and the situations you are in. Life is a constant struggle trying to reconcile the imperfections in our lives. We live in such a broken world, often hard to accept until we meet God again. Life changes are often hard to deal with even when spread out. You had to deal with a lot of changes over a short period. Big hugs to you.:)

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