Worry, Worry, Worry

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this here, but fairly recently, a friend of mine, who is an atheist/agnostic, depending on the day, called me out on something. She said, “Listen. You believe in this God who takes care of you. You believe in a God who created you and loved you. That should make a difference in your life.” She went on to explain that this was something she (and a to of people) didn’t have. She doesn’t believe there’s any higher power or anything past humans, and she thinks that if I believe that, my life should reflect it. I should have more hope than people without this.

She explained it better, but you get the idea. If I believe in a loving God, who I can even TALK to, why doesn’t this make a difference?

I need it to make a difference. Either I believe this or I don’t. If I do, then I should, well, not give up worry entirely, because I’m human, but I should have a basic confidence that God is with me. Who can be against me? What can “man” do to me? I shouldn’t be afraid of housing prices or illness or anything else, but have a “peace that transcends all understanding.”

I know that a lot of people who read this are not necessarily people of faith, but many of you are. Do you have any ways to remember this, really deep down? As someone very very prone to anxiety and depression, this is essential for me to not go down.

3 Responses to Worry, Worry, Worry

  1. Betty says:

    You should not pressure yourself not to be down, Broken Saint. It is the beauty of how you God made you with your ups and downs. It’s why I feel connected with you, because you have been so willing to share this side. I am a Christian as well, and struggle with anxiety and sometimes feeling down. I know I should trust God and cast all my cares on him. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Thanks for sharing yourself as you are. It helps that you are so real.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I find that I need reminders of God’s faithfulness in the past. I like the term “Ebenezers” from I Sam 7:12. I have a list that I update and hang on my wall…. and occasionally a memento to help me remember times when I really felt God’s presence or saw His provision.

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