Well, This is Just Ridiculous

5BF5F0AE-BAF5-40D3-9C51-5D0809968CFEI’m feeling super sad and lonely today and I caught myself being really upset that I’m going to be alone on Halloween (tomorrow). Halloween is not a holiday I have EVER cared about and it’s not a holiday that feels like a real holiday to me. It’s just a Tuesday when I have less work than usual.

But the sadness and loneliness is real. I don’t want to be alone; I’m sad about being alone. I have a bunch of invitations to parties but I don’t want to go to a party. I want to be with someone and pass out candy like we’re partners, or a little family.

This feels ridiculous. I really never have cared about Halloween, never. I’m just sad. And it’s cold and dark and people are celebrating and I feel alone.


3 Responses to Well, This is Just Ridiculous

  1. Betty says:

    Dear Broken Saint,
    There is nothing ridiculous about the way you feel. Absolutely, positively nothing. It is very true and very real. Every day can be lonesome without someone to share it with, particularly the holidays. The holidays are the worst. Can be so unbearable. So honestly, from October through January, I would rather sleep and wake up, and all the holidays are over with. Done. Honestly, I think the holidays create more pains of loneliness than they do feelings of love and happiness. I hope you eventually find your person to share with. Hugs to you, Betty

    • broken saint says:

      Thank you. I’m doing better today but you’re so right about the holidays! They can be so difficult and lonely no matter what situation you’re in.

  2. Marcy says:

    I wish I could have you over to pass out candy! Hugs.

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