A Tiny Miracle

Quick, but before I forget to be grateful:

Most of my state appears to be on fire and the air quality is so bad that, even though I am 150 miles away from the closest fire, I am carrying around my HEPA air filter like it’s an oxygen tank. Every time I go outside, I get a headache so I’ve been cooped up inside like I haven’t since I had my foot surgery in July.

I had no plans today aside from a tutoring student, so I have basically interacted with no one aside from that one student and a neighbor who brought me a mask to where when I’m out.

It’s dark very early and really cold outside.

It’s a Saturday night with no plans.

All of those things are triggers for me. And they can be major major triggers.

And I’m OK. I’m not fantastic, but I’m OK. This is a tiny miracle, and I’ll take it.

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