Is Relaxing a Waste of Time?

Today it feels like it.

I’ve been working a lot, trying to finish up some projects before Thanksgiving. For the week of Thanksgiving, I went to visit friends in Mexico who run an orphanage. I haven’t had much down time at all in about a month.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend and went Christmas shopping for a couple of hours. I honestly don’t remember what else I did! Maybe watched TV? Read? I don’t really remember.

Today I did some errands and cleaned, took a long walk, taught a friend’s kid to knit, and mostly sat around.

I feel guilty! I feel like I’m wasting my time, somehow I’m wasting other people’s time (that doesn’t even make sense), I’m missing out on all sorts of opportunities, and I’m not earning money when I should be.

Then I remember that it’s Saturday night and I don’t have to earn money.

Then I feel “less than” because it’s Saturday night and I’m sitting at home alone. I’m not unhappy sitting at home alone, it just seems like not what I SHOULD be doing. I SHOULD be, I don’t know… out? Looking for a boyfriend/husband? At an exciting party?

Instead, I’ll probably take a hot bath and go to bed. Which I would enjoy quite a lot if I didn’t feel like I SHOULD be doing something else.

One Response to Is Relaxing a Waste of Time?

  1. I get that same way with relaxing. At times, I think there’s so much more I could do. Often times, it is that I feel like I can’t give up a minute because the to-do task list is so long. Then I realize that the more I can take care of myself, the more I can accomplish and so relaxing becomes very important. Some days it is a much bigger struggle than others on the importance of relaxing.

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